Folding Wings

The EuroFOX “wingfold” is just that, wing fold…… one person can open or fold the wings, single handedly in less than 5 minutes, no tricks, no heavy lifting or any extra hands needed. The EuroFOX wingfold was designed from the outset and an integral part of the aircraft, not an afterthought as so many other “wingfold” claims are.


The EuroFOX wingfold is a standard and central feature of the aircraft, there is no wear and tear, it is designed to have the wings folded on a daily basis if that is required. All the EuroFOX aviation aircraft are always kept with wings folded, and they have been so for many years, no problems at all after many hundreds of daily “fold and unfolds”.


You may notice that a few other aircraft offer an “wingfold” option, but mainly these are 2 man operations, or one man and trestles. Often other aircraft “wingfold” involves removing the wings and other components, taking up to an hour or more, which can be almost impossible if at all windy.

Save yourself thousands of €, or still obtain hangerage at “full” airfields.

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