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The EuroFOX has been aerotowing in Europe and Australia for a decade, most sites being difficult grass airstrips as predominantly found in the UK. The EuroFOX can be specified as a tail dragger or nose wheel, and with the majority of UK gliding sites being uneven grass strips, often boggy, sometimes short in length, only the EuroFOX tail dragger with tundra tyres will do.


It is a fact of life that others will try to follow a successful, innovative and market leading product. However, gliding clubs choose future tugs based on performance, suitability, value, usability, durability and pilot safety: in all these aspects and more, the EuroFOX is unrivalled as a dedicated liquid cooled Rotax 100 HP oe 115 HP tug.

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The Rotax engine 912 series has been in production now for 25 years with over 40,000 units produced and millions of airtime hours logged. These engines are used in over 90% of the world’s LSA aircraft, very reliable and economical, with a simple maintenance regime under the LAA, why would you risk choosing anything else?

Winch for a tug cable.
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